Wondering about the reasons you should wear a face mask? Face masks fall into a category known as personal protective equipment. Also known as PPE, this equipment plays a significant role in our plans to beat the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Generally, about 80% of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic or mild. Furthermore, 15% of cases are severe infections that require oxygen. Finally, the other 5% are critical infections that require ventilation. The possibility of suffering a critical infection is one of the reasons you should wear a face mask to win the battle against COVID-19. 

Typically, the best way to protect yourself against the coronavirus is to practice social distancing. However, the truth of the matter is that you cannot be socially distant forever. Eventually, you will have to go out. Whether to the market or to work, there’s a point where you can no longer practice social distancing like you used to.

Enter, face masks. With face masks, you can offer yourself an added layer of protection.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons you should wear a face mask. Furthermore, we will show you how you can reduce COVID-19 risk with a face mask. The major talking points are:

Wearing a Face Mask Protects Your Community

Viral infection often brings about a sense of disorder in a community. One of the reasons why you should wear a face mask is to avoid such disasters. 

By wearing a face mask in public places, you’re limiting the chances of possible transmission of the virus. Remember, your community includes your family, friends, well-wishers, and colleagues.

Recently, more public places have been asking for the use of face masks to prevent the spread of the virus further. Although you most likely hear it all day long, we’ll still keep on saying it. By using a face mask, you’re taking a step further in decreasing the spread of droplets containing the virus. 

Also, wearing a face mask in public places means you’re shielding the most vulnerable and the entire community. This is useful when you cannot constantly wash your hands or observe the physical distance of 6ft from others.

Recent tests on homemade face masks show they can significantly restrict the spread of the virus. This also includes other viral infections such as influenza and so on. Additionally, face masks can help restrain the transmission of the virus onto surfaces and objects around when people cough.

If everyone wears a face mask when going out into public places, then it will impact the dramatic rise in COVID-19 carrier rates. Most especially, if you practice it along with other preventive methods such as handwashing and physical distancing. 

In fact, a recent unpublished study from the Arizona State University scientists proves this. If 80% of the population is wearing moderately active masks, the mortality rate in New York will reduce by 17-45% over 60 days.

By Wearing A Mask, You’re Protecting Yourself

Some recent studies propose cloth face masks offer some protection for the wearer. However, the main protective advantages are more evident when everyone covers both nose and mouth. 

Let’s take a look at it as a mutual benefit. Essentially, the more everyone blocks the transmission of COVID-19 while covering their face, the less it’ll circulate in the community. 

As Waldman states: “If that chain is cut anywhere, then the virus is no longer able to propagate or be transmittedSo whether you intervene on the side of the transmitter or the receiver of viral transmission, if you can block the passage of the virus on either end of that chain, then everyone benefits from that.

Also, some studies show the impact of widespread use of face masks in the community. For instance, a recent report by Health Affairs shows that states with compulsory use of face mask experience a significant decline in COVID-19 rate. This is in stark contrast to other states that don’t enforce the use of face masks outside.

Wearing Masks Will Prevent You From Touching Your Face

Another reason you should wear a face mask is to prevent you from touching your face. This is beneficial for everyone as we all keep fighting against the virus. As much as you’re trying to avoid touching your face with your bare hands, wearing a face mask will help you persist. 

Mistakenly touching the face happens regularly. In fact, we are mostly unaware it’s happening. Therefore, by wearing a mask in public spaces, you’re restricting direct contact with your mouth and nose. Remember that these are the main entry points for the COVID-19 causing virus. 

By washing your hands regularly and abiding with the standard hand hygiene protocols, you’re a step closer to preventing further transmission of the illness. 

Below are 3 essential points you must remember when you’re wearing a face mask.

  • Avoid pulling your mask below your chin.
  • Avoid wearing a face mask that is closely loose on both ends. Be aware that this enhances your risk towards cross-contamination. 
  • Avoid the outside parts of your mask while you’re wearing your face mask.

It Reminds You Of The Mandatory Physical Distancing

Even when we may not admit it, seeing multiple people with masks often trigger us to maintain our distance. The visual reminder that face masks offer allows us to be mindful of our distance. Hence, when you buy face masks in Miami, you may just be reminding everyone else to keep their distance. 

It Limits The Spread Between Individuals, Objects, And Surfaces

One of the major reasons you should wear a face mask is limiting the transmission between surfaces, individuals, and objects. Wearing a face mask means you’re reducing the spread of droplets from others to you and vice versa. Also, you’re lowering the possibility of droplets falling on objects that others may touch. 

Even for an asymptomatic carrier, your speech can produce droplets that may spread on objects or surfaces. This can happen even when you’re not sneezing or coughing. Hence, this is one of the main reasons why you should wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, there was no mandatory regulation on the usage of masks. This was before the revelation of the significance of asymptomatic transmission. Also, recent studies show emphasis on the developing relevance of airborne transmission from one person to another.

Allows You To Support Local Business Owners

The last on our list of reasons you should wear a face mask is to support small businesses in the community. With the current situation of the world economy due to the pandemic, supporting local business owners will go a long way. 

Also, many businesses have evolved since the beginning of the lockdown to meet demand and supply. Nowadays, before you can enter a local place of business, you have to be wearing a face mask.

In a way, apart from protecting yourself, you’re giving others a livelihood. This is one of the reasons to buy a face mask.


A face mask is like a barrier between the virus and you. Therefore, you must wear your face mask each time you’re outside or in public spaces — at least until COVID-19 passes. 

A good reason you should wear a face mask is to protect you and your loved ones from spreading and contracting the virus. Can there be a stronger motivation?

Generally, wearing face masks may cause a little discomfort. Also, wearing face masks can make it challenging to spot another person’s facial expression during a conversation. However, these are small prices we have to pay for salvation from COVID-19. 

Now that you know the reasons you should wear a face mask, we believe you’ll make a good decision to buy one. Are you looking for where to buy a quality face mask? Check out our online store for 100% top-quality face masks at affordable prices.

Stay safe out there!